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Sparta Group is a company that offers comprehensive tools and in-depth industry knowledge, so we are able to provide support in recovering your money!

Our employees have many years of experience both in services centered around capital markets and in debt collection services. This combination means that we really know how to talk to brokers. We will analyze your case, prepare a quote for services and then bring the matter to an end!

Take advantage of the professionalism of our company! Call us and let's talk about what we can do for you.

Customers opinion

At first, we had some problems with the preparation of all documentation. In the end, I was several thousand kilometers away from them. However, we quickly found a solution and focused on recovering my money.

R. Smith

A consultant at the Sparta Group made me realize that the brokers' work pattern is the same in every country. I believed it, I made an advance payment, and soon my complaint was accepted!

S. Kozel

I lost over 15,000 euro at a Cypriot broker and did not count on getting them back. A consultant from the Sparta Group contacted me and after persuasion I started working with them. I regained my funds a few weeks later, they fully deserve their commissions.

R. Janiak


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